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I am a leading creativity coach and consultant in Los Angeles, CA and abroad.  I coach artists and creative professionals who are at the beginning and middle of their careers and struggle with aspects of career and life purpose.  Through my own experiences in the art world, coupled with research in the psychology of creativity and years of working with clients, my objective is to support you in overcoming emotional, mental and other psychological blocks that prevent you from advancing in your personal life, profession, creativity.  A fulfilling career as an artist is a balance between doing what you love, thinking and developing from an innovative perspective, making the earnings you deserve.  An empowered life as an artist is balancing all of it with your personal life.  I emphasize what is essential in your path:

  • Your core values
  • Your passion and purpose
  • Your beliefs, assumptions and interpretations
  • Your unique talents and insights
  • Your health, harmony and success

I use my intuition, offer information, research and hold you accountable to    your potential without judgmentI take into full consideration your creativity. I use the knowledge of your field, creative thinking skills and the beat of your distinctive drum to empower you to the next level.

Who Seeks Coaching with Diana Rivera?
Individuals who seek coaching come from a variety of backgrounds, professions and fields of influence. The common goals of these clients include:

  • Acknowledging personal blocks
  • Facing the known and unknown
  • Inviting and creating change
  • Finding opportunity
  • Committing to their personal and professional growth
  • Enjoying new results

The Benefits of Coaching with Diana Rivera:

  • Having invested energy toward a greater understanding of themselves
  • Achieving measurable goals
  • Strengthening their value system
  • Raising their level of productive energy
  • Becoming their best self
  • Living without limiting beliefs and assumptions

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