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CREATIVE REVOLUTIONS: a 1.5/hr consult w/ Diana

Are you itching for 2013 to be a full force year of personal and professional success?
Are you looking to shake up the old and reinvent the new?

If you said yes to one of these, this powerful 1.5/hr consultation facilitated by me, Diana Rivera, will solidify your personal and professional plan using the wheels of advancements tool. The cost of the service is $125.

Before our consult, you’ll do some engaging preparation work so we can:

  1. Address the 3 S’s that get your creativity into productivity
  2. Solidify the degrees of stability in your wheels of advancement
  3. Analyze weaknesses and strengths
  4. Expand on dreams and define goals
  5. Create action steps to move it forward

Contact Diana Rivera: or by phone: 310-801-7399. Pass on the word!


“Diana was immensely helpful for me in overcoming creative blocks, putting my ideas into action, and achieving my short term and long term goals as a visual artist. She guided the group with practical tools and valuable exercises to challenge and empower ourselves as creative, fearless individuals. Diana encouraged us to brainstorm with one another about our upcoming projects  and create a strong support system which we have continued to use even after the program.”–Kate Unger, LA

“Working with Diana was fun, fresh and clever. I was able to use the tools she have us easily and I also made a mastermind friend I am still working with. Diana is genius!!!!– April Lemly, LA

“I highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to get serious about their creative project. Diana’s knowledge, wisdom and guidance were instrumental in my new approach to my creative work.” Becka McInnes, LA

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